Who is Glen?

this is Glen

Hi, I am Glen. I was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi USA. I have a High School education. I also went to trade school for 2 years and learned a little about electronics. I worked for about 10 years with Bell+Howell doing field service on their buisness products, mostly microprocessor controlled microfilming machines.

Currently I enjoy machining, casting, and computers - mostly using and configuring a Linux system.

I was raised in a home where my Dad taught me his trade - carpentry. I am currently self employed, I build houses. I have been self employed for about 13 years now (January, 2004). About 6 years ago I bought a Smithy 1220XL lathe/mill/drill. Before I bought the Smithy, I had never even seen a lathe before, not to mention use one. Then one day I decided to build an engine, and I found out that a house is not nearly as precision as an engine. I had lots of trouble trying to make a crankcase for it, and I found out about casting aluminum. I purchased David Gingery's book on making a charcoal foundry and learned to cast aluminum. Then one day I was browsing on the internet and I saw Kurt Bjorn's web site. At the time he was about half way through building his 9 cylinder radial engine. All of that has led me to here.

Update: Feb 23, 2016
My interest in getting this engine to fly has been interrupted by learning to fly a real air plane. I am happy to say that I own a Cessna 150 plane and have a private pilot license. I spend a lot of time flying and that has taken much time away from my other interests. I spent nearly 2 years (mostly 1, sometimes 2 days per week) studying and training to get my license. After so long a time, it was a very fulfilling experience to actually get a license.

This is Glen and family

Shown above is my wife of 23 years, my 6 year old daughter and myself.

At last count (Jan-3-04) there was 31 html pages and over 100 jpg/gif images on this web site.

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