Camshaft Collection

set of cams
Above you can see all of the practice that I have making cams. The first cam (from left) is the very first attempt. It is made from stainless steel and the lobes were to be very small and close together. I decided to make bigger lobes because of the potential for wear.

The second cam was made with improper timing. The lobes are too close (in degrees) together.

The third cam was good all the way to the last lobe. I rotated the cam in the wrong direction and cut it. You can see the bottem lobe is pointing in the opposite direction from all of the others.

The fourth cam is the first working cam. The shaft on this cam is slightly larger than the previous cams.

The 5th cam (on the right), the black one, is the one that caused the disaster. It is still black from the hardening. I never cleaned it up after seeing that it was warped so bad.

Not shown is the most recent cam. It is still in the engine.