The oil Pan

Shown above is the latest version of the oil pan. I have added writing on it to make it unique to this engine. Shown below is the inside of the oil pan. The camshaft runs in bushings in the holes that you see in the ends of the oil pan. You can see the thick sections where the lifter guides will bolt in. It looks like the whole oil pan is about a quarter of an inch thick. Not so, the section where the lifter guides go is thick, the rest is a lip around the edge to give a good seat where it will bolt to the crankcase. All of the machining is not yet done on this part.
Take a look at the PLANS

Here is the evolution:

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This is the first pan. I wanted to make the lifter guides a part of the pan. The problems with machining the inside of the guides made me change my mind. This part never made it to the milling machine at all.

This is the second pan. I had it all fitted to the crankcase before I built the oil pump. After construction of the oil pump I found that the oil pump would not fit in the dimensions that the pan limited it to. (the pump doesn't go inside of the oil pan). I needed an edge for the oil pump cover. The edge that is on this pan is for the timing gear. It has two small 'ears' where the screws for the cover will go.

This is attempt #3. I added an edge that will allow the oil pump to be attached to the back end of the oil pan. (The oil pump is driven from the end of the camshaft, which goes through the center of the oil pan). This would give additional room for the oil pump. But, after fitting the pump to the pan, there was not enough room for drain holes for the oil to run into the pump chamber. This required the pan to be changed to the current style.

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