The LOGO on the Casting

The Logo on the casting is mostly to identify the casting as something that I have made, and not purchased. I designed the logo on my computer and printed it on paper. The logo reads "BECO 2.0". The BECO is for Bond Engine Company. Thats right! I am now an engine company. Well ok, maybe not. But I am making the engine and I can put whatever I want on it. The "2.0" in the logo is the size of the engine in cubic inches.
The logo was made with a lot of hard work. I don't know how to go about making something like this, so I jumped in and just started making it the first way I thought about.

I decided to make the image in wood with a wood burning iron. So I printed the image onto a piece of paper, and imediatly after it came out of the printer (ink jet) I turned it face down on the wood and rubbed the wet ink onto the wood. This produced a very nice image on the wood. It was a reversed image of course, but that is what I needed. I then took a 25 watt soldering pencil and tried to burn the image into the wood. Too bad! The 25 watts doesn't get the tip hot enough to burn the wood. I didn't have anything hotter, so I persisted with it. I managed to sort of burn and dent the wood into the pattern of the logo. After I had the logo completly burned/dented I took some modeling clay and made an impression. It looked really good! Ok, now I have a reversed impression. Now what? After a couple of days of pondering, I decided to build a wall around the logo about a quarter of an inch high and pour it full of JB-Weld. I thought that I might be able to burn the wood out of the JB-Weld. Not a chance! JB-Weld burns too. So I took a very pointed knife and picked the wood out of the JB-Weld. This was a very tedious job. But after it was all done the logo turned out pretty well. I then mounted it in the mill and squared it up. I cut a hole in the crankcase pattern and mounted the logo in it.

All in all I think that there was as much work in the logo as in the crankcase pattern. And I had to do the crankcase pattern 3 times!!