Machining and Engine Related Links

A fabulous V8 model engine. Lots of pictures of the parts.
Kuts Bjorn's a 9 cylinder radial model engine, a CNC project and lots of other good stuff.
He has also constructed a model jet engine, and a controller for model jet engines. A good introduction to metalcasting
Model Engine Builder -No longer a printed magazine. Get it via internet - Includes engine plans in each issue.
Model Engine News - An online magazine, Lots of engine info. Mostly small airplane engines.
Jerry Howell Engines Engine Plans and Kits. Jerry's engines are beautiful.
Florida Association of Model Engineers
A valuable resource for the model engine builder.

How to make the "Reil" burner that I use in my foundry.
Here is a fellow in the Netherlands who has many beautiful engines with free plans.

Suppliers For small screws at a reasonable price Aluminum, Brass, etc. bar stock

Books Books Books Books

This is a book that is good for beginners. I have learned some things just by visiting the website.
Machine Shop Essentials

Misc. Links

Marv Klotz's Utilities
This is a collection of programs that will calculate almost anything.
I use the triangle calculator and am checking out the Spring calculator.
FCC ID Numbers
Find the manufacturer of a computer part, then locate their web page for software.
Use the Grantee Code.
Food for the soul. My religous beliefs.
My testimony of saving faith in Jesus Christ


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