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Progress----------------|-->Pic. of Engine in my hand
                        |-->Status as of Nov, 2003
			|-->page 2 of progress----->|
						    |-->Designing the cyl. head and halve train
						    |-->Making the valves
						    |-->Making the con. rod
						    |-->The evolution of the oil pan
						    |-->An early composite drawing of the engine.    

Design considerations------>Cubic inch calculator

Plans in GIF PDF FIG format, also tap and drill charts

Engine Specifications

Technical Articles------|-->Milling a camshaft lobe
                        |-->Designing the cyl. head and halve train
                        |-->Walshaw piston ring article #1
                        |-->Walshaw piston ring article #2
                        |-->Cam lobe design (PDF - Westbury)
                        |-->How to make die cast pistons 1 (PDF)
                        |-->How to make die cast pistons 2 (PDF)
                        |-->Muffler design (PDF - Westbury)
                        |-->Gear tutorial (PDF Boston Gear)
                        |-->Gear theory (PDF Boston Gear)
			|-->Bearing Design Guide
			|-->Sleeve bearings

BECO 2.0 Assembly Pictures

The plane

Design Calculators-----|
		       |---->Cubic Inch Calculator
		       |---->Bearing Calculator 
		       |---->Bearing Calculator (java)

Other Projects

What is this site?--------->Design considerations--->Cubic inch calculator

About me

Crankshaft balancer

Foundry-------------------->Castings----------|----->A preliminary drawing of crankcase
                                              |----->The BECO 2.0 Logo

Really old stuff----------->My first engine---|--->Plans for my first eng.
                                              |--->Update Feb 1, 2000
                                              |--->Update Feb 13, 2000
	                                      |--->April 8, 2000 The new cam
                                              |--->Sept. 2000  Redesign it!
The Store                                     |--->The crankcase
                                              |--->The crank shaft----------->Crank shaft drawing
Links                                         |--->Making the valves-----|--->Stainless steel
                                              |--->The valve seat        |--->Valve spring keepers
Engine Specifications                         |--->The cylinder liners

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