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I have here some things that I have collected in the course of building this engine. Some of these are my own creations, and others were found on different websites. I want to thank those who have taken the time to convert these to pdf and make them available on the internet.
I have them here as a collection of useful information on design and construction of a model engine.

This collection is not complete, but will be added to as the time, and the information presents itself.

First is a simple animation about how I mill a camshaft.
This is one of my own creations.
Mill a camshaft
Here I describe my own thoughts about how to design the cylinder head. Mostly I tell how I designed the valve sizes and the valve lift for the BECO 2.0
Cylinder Head Design
Here is an article about making rings for a model engine. I found this article on the web some where and copied the pictures. I have transposed these pictures into HTML format and re-drawn all of the drawings and illustrations for a nice format on the computer screen. This work is now complete(Jan 18, 2008).
Walshaw Ring part 1
Walshaw Ring part 2
This is a PDF file about cam shaft lobe design.
This is an article from Model Engineer 1956, by Edgar Westbury
It gives some insight on lobe shapes.
Cam Design (PDF 227k)
Here are some info that tell you how to make die cast pistons.
He gives details on making the die casting machine.
This is another article from Model Engineer, 1973.
Die Cast Pistons Part 1 (PDF 314k)
Die Cast Pistons Part 2 (PDF 301k)
Here is a little info on making mufflers for your model engine
This is from Model Engineer 1956, Edgar Westbury
File is PDF - 234K
Silencers (PDF - 234k)
Here is a tutorial about gear design fron Boston Gear.
Gearology (PDF 1.2MB) From Boston Gear.
Here is another (PDF) File from Boston Gear.
Gear Theory (PDF 5.3MB) from Boston Gear
Here are 2 articles that I found while researching bearing design. If you really want to get into the science of bearings, this might help.
Bearing Design Guide (PDF 3.7MB) Free download
Sleeve Bearings (PDF 4.1MB)


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