Glen's Machine Shop

This is Glen's Machine Shop

This site is to 'Show and Tell' about how I design and build a model engine.
First, it is important that you know that I am not an engineer. I am not qualified to BUILD, not to mention DESIGN an engine of any kind. I do have enough knowledge to create an engine, but that is about as far as it goes. So I must make this disclaimer: Any actions shown or described on this web page are my own attempts. They may not be safe to perform, they may be totally inaccurate. If you attempt any of the construction described here, you do so at your own risk!

This engine is my own design. It is not yet completed, nor is it completely designed. I have not copied this design from any book. All specifications are from my own head. When this engine is completed if it doesn't run, or if it explodes in my face, then it is no ones fault but my own.

Every aspect of the engine must be considered, since I am designing it myself. I am making each part at home in my shop. I am not making parts that are readily available, like screws, springs or gears. All parts are made in my shop with a Smithy 1220XL Lathe/Mill/Drill machine. I have here lots of pictures showing the before and after of parts construction. You can see the part go from a piece of scrap aluminum to a finished crankcase, or a bar of steel be made into valves.
If you want to know how I came about the engine type/style check the Design Considerations.

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